SAF Training Level 1



This is the official authorized training system to use the SAF system, how to read the SAF chain of numbers, and how to use the IR device to create Objective SAF Chains.

The level one training encompasses learning the system of numbers and reading the “Lead, Core, Anchor” system as developed by Joseph R Scogna Jr.

Whereas level 2 training delves deeper into using the system, Level 1 is the foundation and core of SAF and is the prerequisite to Level 2.

You are encouraged to contact us ahead of time to go over how the curriculum works and to get a proper perspective on the scope of the work.


Level 1 Course books included in this price are:

  • The SAF Road Map Course Book
  • SAF Simplified
  • Infrared Manual
  • Nutrionics
  • SAF Modality Sorter
  • The SAF Infrared Manual
  • The Numbers Of SAF


Other Inclusions:

  • 3 months of SAF Online Access with 1 year Paid Access ($100 savings)
  • 5 hours of 1 on 1 work with a SAF Practitioner
  • Approved Infrared Tool
  • Instruction on the use of

If you already have some of the books listed these will be deducted from the total training cost. Please message us before ordering.

Estimated completion time is 3 months depending on your level of comprehension of the material and amount of time you are able to dedicate to the course work. You will have 1 full year of subscription time with which to utilize on the site. Further SAF Credits and development through videos and production is underway to give you more ways to learn the SAF system. These will be made available to Students and Practitioners as they become available.

 Who is this for?

Anyone who is dedicated to helping themselves and others towards a holistic understanding and development of Self.

Many practitioners from fields of study have access to interpretations in the Chain Reports including; Herbalists, Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Energetic Healers, Massage Therapists, Bach Flower Practitioners, Music Therapists, Homeopaths, and more!

We hope to welcome you to our growing number of practitioners that utilize our way of holistic energetic interpretation!

Growth through Knowledge