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allergy connections, homeopathic considerations.


Allergy Connections – Homeopathic Considerations (Authored by Joseph R. Scogna Jr., Kathy M. Scogna | Edition: 2)

For Prescribers and Enthusiastic Students of Homeopathy!

146 Uncommon Allergies, along with Homeopathic Symptoms PLUS Inconspicuous Villains, where these items might be hiding in foods, water, air, soil, and even GMOs.
An invaluable Resource for us all!

Find your allergies and sensitivities with SAF Online, a service for practitioners. Answer a questionnaire and find your stressed organs, glands and emotions; most of the items in this book are found in Millennium Detox Interpretation. Get remedies from your practitioner or an online source!

Uncommon Items: Auto Exhaust, Radiation (Strontium, Cesium), Bacterial colonies (Molds, Yeast, Botox), Magnetic North & Magnetic South, Coal Dust, Feathers, Dust, Spiders, Fleas, Drugs (Aspirin, Marijuana, Mescaline, Codeine, Opium), Animals, Fruits, and many more.

If you are worried about long term use of medications, remember that Homeopathy is drug-free health care for people of all ages!

  • Publication Date: Oct 26 2015
  • ISBN/EAN13: 1518798020 / 9781518798023
  • Page Count: 208
  • Binding Type US Trade Paper
  • Trim Size: 8″ x 10″
  • Language:  English
  • Color:  Black and White
  • Related Categories: Medical / Holistic Medicine